The history of Grace & mila

Grace & Mila is above all the story of a family. That of Patrick, Patricia, and Julie Chou, two sisters and a brother united around the same passion: to create and undertake, to make people dream and share their universe.

Their adventure began in 2011, when, in their early twenties, they left their beautiful city of Troyes to settle in Paris.

Lulled since their childhood in the art of ready-to-wear thanks to their parents entrepreneurs, their desire to create their own line of clothing is quickly obvious. They want to create feminine and refined confections to highlight each woman and each character;

The common dream takes shape around their three personalities.

From dream to reality... The 8 little sweaters

Together, the brother and sister drew on the richness of their dual Franco-Chinese culture to combine expertise and quality, and thus bring their big dream to life. Enriched by their numerous trips to China and the ties they gradually built with local artisans, they created their very first collection:

8 pretty fine knit sweaters, including the charming little bow sweater. We are then in September 2011. Grace & Mila is launched.

The brand bears the seal of union in its DNA, with these two women's names, like two timeless sister-icons. Grace for the princely charm of Grace Kelly, and Mila, the name of luck in Eastern countries, to evoke the woman loved by the people. The destiny of Grace & Mila takes shape.

The destiny of Grace & Mila

Bathed in a kind of magic, protected by the sign of infinity, the number eight elongated like a small knot, Grace & Mila takes off and meets a nice success.

Quickly, friends, schoolmates, and experts in different fields join the siblings to carry their vision further. It is in this context of benevolence, integrity, respect and humility that the brand develops in the eyes of the world thanks to this dream and that of each member who carries the same passion for creation and the same sense of elegance and detail.

Today, Grace & Mila is a shared dream, a family of more than a hundred artisans, stylists, salespeople and many others, who contribute to making sure that each woman finds herself in the collections throughout the seasons.


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